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“You dance love,
and you dance joy,
and you dance dreams.”

– Gene Kelly

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Classes fill up quickly; contact us with questions or to find out about current availability.


Class Descriptions

*Classes with * are “Company Classes” or need pre-approval

+Classes with + are “Sessions Classes” and are priced separately.


Classical ballet with emphasis on traditional forms, aesthetics, turn out, the five positions, barre and center work, turns, leaps and jumps, with increased technical challenges and work at each level.  Dancers deemed ready, may advance to pointe classes.

·        Ballet I & II:  Beginning to Advanced Beginning Ballet

·        Ballet III & IV (with tap combo):  Advanced Beginning through Intermediate level ballet .  This Class is a combination class including  advanced beginning to intermediate level tap training

·        Teen Ballet IV & V:   This class is designed for the intermediate ballet dancer, as well as Teens who are returning to dance.  Individual attention is given for  a variety of levels

·        Pointe II, III and IV:  Pointe class requiring teacher recommendation for beginning – intermediate levels and for those advanced who want an extra pointe training  class

·        Advanced Ballet  V & VI:   This is an advanced level ballet class for teens requiring teacher placement

·        Pointe:  This is an advanced level of pointe requiring previous pointe training and teacher placement

·        Teen Ballet / Pointe Technique:  This class is for all levels of ballet and pointe for grades 7 - 12 designed to get individual attention on technique and training



·        Ballet/Tap Combo, K – 2nd 

An introduction to two foundational styles of dance for the young dancer: ballet and tap. Dancers will be introduced to the ballet barre, floor stretches, and across the floor, and also tap rhythms and steps and will learn two short dances for our end of year show.

·        + Tap Combo, 4th--8th                                          

A combination class for both ballet and tap for 4th – 8th grade           see ballet description

·        Teen Tap, 6th grade & up

Get those feet moving to the rhythm!  This class is a fun intro to tap for teens, and also suitable for beginning through intermediate levels.  Class will teach and review basic tap steps and progress throughout the year, working with individual abilities  and will include a recital dance.


·        Move & Groove for Kids K-3rd grade

A high energy  class for young dancers  teaching funk jazz and hip hop technique, through center and across the floor work and upbeat dance combinations. Age appropriate movement and music.

·        Move & Groove (Youth hip hop), 4th – 6th

A high energy  class for upper Elementary aged dancers,  teaching funk jazz and hip hop technique, through center and across the floor work and upbeat dance combinations. Age appropriate movement and music.

·        Teen Move & Groove  hip hop, 7th & Up

A fun class for all levels of teens 7th – 12th grade,  teaching funk jazz and hip hop technique through center and across the floor work and upbeat dance combinations.



·        *Acro for Dance II/III, 4th – 8th

 Advance Beginning – Intermediate Acro class for grades 4-8.  Dancers will move through a variety of skills working on flexibililtiy, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling.  Dance Xone follows Acrobatic Arts curriculum and is an Acrobatics Arts certified studio.

·        Acro for Dance III/IV, 9th & up

Intermediate+ Acro class for High School aged dancers.   Dancers will advance through a variety of skills working on flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling.   Dance Xone follows Acrobatic Arts curriculum and is an Acrobatic Arts certified studio



·        Teen Jazz, 7th grade & up

 A fun upbeat class for all levels teaching jazz dance elements in both traditional and classical jazz as well as broadway and funk styles.  Great class for teens who are looking for a recreational class as well as teens who want an additional high energy jazz technique class.



·        Petite Dance, Ages 3-4

This class, for our youngest dancers, includes dancing and preschool tumbling, beginning dance terminology, and teaches dance class protocol through creative movement, role play and games  in a super fun environment with gadgets (props), games and giggles!  Dance Xone is an Acro Dance preschool certified studio.

·        Turn/Tumble/ Twirl, K-2nd   

A great dance intro class for grades K – 2, this class includes jazz, poms and tumbling and is about both learning and fun!  Dance Xone  is an Acrobatic Arts and Acrodance certified studio


·        Pop/Pep & Pizzazz, Dance combo 3rd – 6th grade

The perfect  dance class for those that want to try several styles of dance.  Dancers will learn facets of funk jazz & hip hop, poms and jazz and will complete two dances for our end of year recital.  All levels welcome!

·       ​​Rhythm Emotion, 5th & Up

This class is recommended for 5th grade through young teens and is offered in 3 sessions.   The emphasis is on jazz and lyrical styles and session 3 dancers have the option of recital participation.  It is a great class for those that are interested in trying dance, but want to test it in an easy going setting and without committing to the year. 


·        Choreography classes allow our dancers to create unique pieces of work, while learning the principles of choreography: qualities and types of movement, spacing, staging, use of levels and more.

o   Choreography 1: working with the class to create a group piece

o   Choreography 2: creating duets

o   Choreography 3:  working with a studio class on a piece the student creates

o   Choreography 4: Telling your story through a solo piece you create for yourself



Dance Xone Extreme offers four performance company levels. Our companies allow dancers to stretch their dance experience while growing as individuals and part of a team.  They have the opportunity for performances and experiences outside of the classroom, in addition to the recital such as master classes, parades, community performances, conventions and competitions.   Invitation, recommendation and/ or audition required.

·        Little Extras (K – 3rd grade)

·        Express (3rd- 5th grade)

·        Excite (6th- 9th grade)

·        Exceed (10th – 12th grade)  


·        *Little Extras  5:00-5:45

Our youngest performance company grades K – 3 who show a “little extra” in their desire to dance and be on stage.  Dancers will work on a variety of genres and will complete dances in jazz and poms (see company description)

·        Express Company

Performance company for grades 2-5, with teacher recommendation, invitation  or audition required.  Dancers will work on jazz, modern and pom technique and complete at least two performance / competition routines.  See company information

·        Excite Expression: Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary       

A class for  grades 6-9 performance company (Excite) to expand their technique in modern, lyrical and contemporary styles of dance with the focus being on poetic movement, expressing lyrics and emotions, and emphasizing core control, body awareness, and breaking traditional barriers in dance.

·        EXCITE Move & Groove (Co.  hip hop)  

Performance Company class for 6th – 9th grade teaches funk jazz and hip hop technique and a completing a competition dance. Dancers must be part of the Excite company and have a recommendation for this class.

·        *EXCITE  Company

Our performance company for dancers 6th – 9th grade, teacher recommendation or audition required.  Dancers will complete jazz and poms dances (see company descriptions)

·        Exceed Co. Contemporary

Our 10th – 12th grade performance company (Exceed) contemporary class using elements of ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern and acro for a competition piece .  Dancers must be in the Exceed Company to participate in this class.

·        Exceed Co. Hip Hop

 Competition class for 10th – 12th grade company dancers (Exceed) in the funk jazz and hip hop genres, culminating with a competition dance. Class requires invitation / recommendation.​

·        *EXCEED CO.

 Our Peformance Company class for dancers grade 10-12. Invitation or Audition required.  Dancers will complete two dances and compete in both jazz and poms.  See company information

·        Company Musical Theater 

This competition class is for members of our Express, Excite and Exceed performance company, teaching Musical theater style jazz, acting, showmanship, and performance quality for the big stage, culminating with a 7 minute production number

·        Company Tap 

 A Company  class for those who want to advance their tap technique and build on rhythms, sounds and combinations and perform a competition tap piece. Class requires recommendation / invitation.



·        Stretch & Strength, Adults

This class offers increasing muscle tone and power and improving flexibility, two of the most important things in over all fitness and wellness, and keeping our bodies youthful.   Bring a set of light handweights (or use the ones at the studio), your own mat and water bottle and get ready to step into your weekends with renewed energy​

·       +Adult Barre

A wonderful class for improving flexibility, strength, posture and balance. This class helps boost mental and emotional well being along with  physical health.  Suitable for adults of all ages, this class incorporates elements of ballet, modern and jazz dance with components yoga and pilates.  We use ballet barres and do both standing and floor work.  Bring a mat and water bottle!

·       Adult Jazz

A fun movement class for adults, incorporating warm up, across the floor, jazz technique and a stretch.   Jazz combinations and  dance will be taught, with the option for those who would like to,  performing in our recital.  A great way to end your work week, and begin the weekend!

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